We are a radical fashion collective built for the futureWe are a radical fashion collective built for the future

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We are a digitally native fashion Collective.

We cultivate permanent voices of tomorrow. Our form is end-to-end from initial idea to market and has been in motion for 150 years, always curious and eternally flexible. We present a responsible foundation that allows our collaborators to create at the highest level of creativity with our organization acting as the structural backbone of each project – rethinking the present while giving birth to the future of contemporary design.



Empowering women to drive positive change in fashion is at the core of the Birger Christensen Collective ethos. Our roadmap serves as a proven framework for cultivating brands that uplift and support women throughout our value chain.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of women and are dedicated to providing them with the platform, voice, and opportunities to shape the future of our industry from within.
This mission statement signifies our unwavering dedication to a new chapter of empowerment and sustainability.

“We shifted our focus from individual initiatives to a comprehensive plan, leading to significant changes in our mindset and processes.
Together, we continue our journey towards a more sustainable fashion future."

  • Denise Christensen